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Pre Natal


Pregnancy / Pre-Natal

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful journey a woman goes through. This is the time when your body changes every day and reacts differently to the food and nutrition you take in. Hence, you need a proper nutrition plan.
With two lives at stake, a higher level of care is required. Therefore, pregnancy is the time when the role of a professional nutritionist becomes paramount.
If you’re planning to bring a little one in your life or going through a pregnancy, BLAP can guide you right!
Pregnancy Diet Plan will include:
  • All essential nutrients
  • All essential supplements
  • Things you need to avoid during pregnancy
  • Controlling your unnecessary cravings
  • Educating yourself for the future as well
The plan will be designed as per your food preferences and all essential nutrition required by you and your baby.

Butt Like An Apricot

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