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Butt Like An Apricot

Our Services


Working With Us You Can Expect

Custom Programs

We utilize a comprehensive approach to understand your current diet & workout regime and work to create a customized plan by making smart changes to your current lifestyle.

Happy Lifestyle

Creating a happy and substantial lifestyle needs tweaking & discipline. It cannot be achieved in a day. Our wholesome approach would cater to your body type, eating habits & your fitness goal.


Recipes that don’t compromise on your taste buds. At BLAP™, we work to design our programs & recipes in a way that are equipped to change your lifestyle by focusing on the essential part of your eating habits.

Plans That We Offer

Weight Management

Being overweight or underweight has it's own disadvantage. Excess
weight or too little weight can give you their own share of health problems apart from the aesthetic point of view.

Child Nutrition

Kids are easily influenced by their surroundings
which thereby affects their eating habits. Providing
proper nutrition and diet from young age
can help build a lifelong journey towards good


Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful journey a woman
goes through. This is the time when your body changes every day
and reacts differently to the food and nutrition you take in.
Hence, you need a proper nutrition plan.

4 Day Detox Plan

Detoxification is the best way to give your digestive system
a break to heal, repair and for the overall maintenance of the
body. It helps to eliminate toxins and issues like bloating and
constipation along with purifying the blood.

Post Natal/ Lactation

This is the time when the nutrient needs are greater
to fulfill the baby's needs along with yours. You might
want to lose weight post-delivery but you need to be
patient enough so that your baby gets the correct
nutrition in their crucial growth stage.

Butt Like An Apricot

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